September 7, 2017

Since my second son was born in 2008, I have grappled with reconciling the dire situation of our planet’s health and the future that my kids will inherit. If the planet’s future is really all doom and gloom, fire and flood, what do I tell my kids? What kind of future are we creating for them? And what, what in the world, are they going to think of me if I don’t do something to create a healthier future for them?

Then I watched this. It’s an interview by Bill Moyers of David Suzuki from 2014 and the last 5 minutes of the interview changed my perspective. (you can watch the whole thing, or just start at minute 19). Basically David Suzuki says that we don’t know enough about the healing capacity of the earth to give up hope. That if we give mother earth the space and time to heal, she will.

I am down with that. Armed with that perspective I can get up in the morning, and I can talk honestly and optimistically with my kids about their hopes and dreams for their future.

The sun will rise. Ideas will be hatched. Solutions will be found. There is hope. And there is a way forward. Let’s find it, let’s create it, and let’s show our kids, our neighbors, and our fellow animals that we did our best.

And with all that said, I have this for you:

+ A positive story to read and spread: Otters, seals and sea lions are finding and building new homes in Oakland. It’s not all as concrete as it might seem out there.

+ A perspective from someone who pays attention“There has been a worldwide shift, I think, among people in general about the concern there should be for the natural world. I am encouraged more than I have been for some time.” That’s what David Attenborough said in this article, and he’s been around the globe and knows a bunch about this stuff.

+ And make plans to go to the beach: California Coastal Clean up is Saturday, September 16Click here to find an event near you and join in. Or bring a bag and clean up some trash at your favorite beach, on your own. Because what an easy way to combine a day at the beach with some feel-good-ness.


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