September 14, 2017


I chaperoned an overnight field trip last year with my then-5th grade son and his class. We stayed at the Point Bonita YMCA in the Marin Headlands, which was for some kids their first time away from their parents. It was also the first time some of these Berkeley kids had been to the beach. Let that sink in for a second. Kids in Berkeley – a city not far from the Pacific Ocean – hadn’t been to the beach before.

The experience was life changing. The kids were beaming with joy as they ran in and out with the waves. With sand between their toes they seemed free and happy and full of wonder. They also engaged in some science involving sand crabs which I wrote about here. It was a beautiful thing to watch and to be a part of.

Whether you’ve never been to the beach, or you go all the time, our coasts need us to take good care of them. I’m talking about beaches of any body of water: oceans, bays, rivers, creeks, lakes. They take care of us with all that happiness, joy, views, sunsets, Instagram-ready scenes, sandcastles, and the rest.

Our coasts give so much to us… we need to give back to them.


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