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I’m excited to bring another voice to The Sun Rises. That is the voice of José Gonzalez, the founder of Latino Outdoors. Even if you know him, even if you’ve seen him speak, even if you’ve gone for a hike with him, there is most likely something here that you didn’t know about him. I thank him for sharing his voice with us. [the interview with José is only available to those who subscribe]

In the past year, it seems, there has been a gorgeous explosion on Instagram of diversity and inclusion in the outdoors. All kinds of people are sharing their experiences of being outside. Below I share just a few of the accounts that are worth following.


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Not on Instagram? That’s okay. Take yourself to the Oakland Museum of California and see this. Or go see this exhibit on beauty at the David Brower Center in Berkeley. Check out Humans of New York. Or scroll through this photo essay entitled “We are still here.”


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