October 19, 2017

Hello there,

The North Bay counties of Sonoma and Napa have changed in profound and infinite ways. And we need to do something (big, small, it doesn’t matter) to support them. This is the time to show up for them. While it’s not a comprehensive list of all the ways to do this (and there are many), I offer a few organizations to support below.

The destruction is enormous, and the rebirth will be phenomenal.

While we acknowledge the pain and suffering, I advocate that we focus on the resiliency of nature, our ability to rebuild, and the power of community. Yes, life is sad and hard. But let’s focus on the good and contributions we are able to make.

Below I share a video my husband, John, made when our kids were younger. John traveled a lot for work then. He made this video so our kids would hear his voice while he was away. Yes, it’s a children’s book but I think you’ll get why I’m sharing it now.

The future is ours to shape.

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