November 16, 2017

Hi there,

Let’s pretend that I invited you to my house for dinner.

You arrive and you take off your coat, put your bags down, and take off your shoes at the door (we do that at our house). You come into the kitchen, because there’s some magnetic pull for people to go straight to the kitchen, and we make ourselves some drinks. Maybe it’s wine, maybe it’s tea. You can decide that part of this story.

And we start talking. Here are some of the things that I tell you about with probably a lot of passion and energy:

  • Are you familiar with the term ‘anthropocene’? If you haven’t, and here we are leaning on our kitchen island eating something delicious, I would tell you what I know, and then tell you how much I wish I could go to this event on November 20. A ‘good anthropocene’?! Yes! (thanks to Andrea Mackenzie for sharing this with me)
  • Wouldn’t you like to go back to college sometimes? I would. The first class I’d take is this class at UC Davis: Ocean Optimism. Seriously, that’s the name of the course! Check it out(thanks to Eric Simons for telling me about it)
  • What do you know about what’s happening in Sonoma and Napa related to the fires? I’m sure we’d talk about this for a while because there’s so much to talk about. And I’d surely mention the really well done blog Mountains + Molehills written by the good folks at the Sonoma Land Trust. I also appreciate what Pepperwood Preserve is doing to update its fans and followers. That the Bechtel House survived is one of the best pieces of news I’ve ever heard.
  • And I’d add that I loved this story about collecting acorns to plant oak trees in the fire zones. Hooray for acorns.

At some point I run down the hall to my office to get my laptop. And I show you this:

UMUNHUM – Film Trailer from Plus M Productions on Vimeo.


It’s the trailer for my latest project with the talented people at Plus M Productions. Our hope is that Umunhum sweeps you off your feet and places you on top of a mountain that had not been accessible to the public for over 60 years. The full film (all 10 minutes of it) will be released on Tuesday, November 21. I have been giddy for days because the film has surpassed all of my hopes and dreams. I can’t wait to share it with you.

While you’re in my kitchen, and after we’ve talked for a while, maybe, just maybe I show you the full film before it comes out on Tuesday. Because sometimes I can’t help myself.

At some point, after a good amount of time talking and eating and drinking, it’s time for you to go. You pick up your bags, put on your jacket and shoes, and head to the front door. We hug, promise to get together again soon, and you are off.

Wishing you safe travels and more fun conversations.

Your friend,