November 30, 2017

Dear you,

Today is the last day of November which means that there are just 22 days until the Winter Solstice. As the days get shorter and shorter, the light we do get to experience is increasingly beautiful. Have you noticed it? The sunsets, the long shadows, the soft light, all of it. I am in love with the light.


And then there are the trees. I think in general we should worship trees. They are truly amazing things, and this time of year (in the Bay Area… the timing of this depends on your latitude and longitude) they are just spectacular.

Speaking of trees, check this out:

  • This video celebrates and explains trees in a super accessible way (in other words you don’t need a masters from Yale School of Forestry to understand). Hat tip to Bettina Ring for sharing.
  • Bloomberg Review’s editorial board writes about how California is leading the way with forests to reverse global warming. Shout out to Mary Creasman for sharing.
  • “Better stewardship of the land could have a bigger role in fighting climate change than previously thought.” Heck yes! Read the article.




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