February 13, 2018


It’s me jumping into your email inbox real quick with a dose of hope. This isn’t one of those long emails with fancy words and complicated sentences and long paragraphs. Nope. I’m here to quickly insert some good into your day.

Check this out:

First, fire up your podcast listening machine for these two short podcasts:

+ Sir David Attenborough has a new show, and also some amazing perspective about this planet. Listen to this podcast.

+ Poet Mary Oliver talks truth and beauty. Listen to this podcast.

Then crank up your social media machines for this:

+ Do you go to parks? Do you vote? Hey, me too! Let’s spread the park love by posting this video to your Facebook or Instagram. Because parks need people like you and me to speak up for them, vote for them, invest in them, and just generally love them. Add #yeson68 to your post and tag me (@msannieburke on Instagram) for extra bonus points.

That’s it! Three quick and easy and inspiring things to do this Tuesday.

I’m out,