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  1. Hi Annie,
    I had various responses to the film. I didn’t like the voice of the narrator. The subject seems incredibly important and I noticed that in the middle of the film, my hand was on my heart.

    Sometimes things come to me from several directions — and then I realize that – whatever it is – needs my attention. This is the case with silence. It was the first thing I noticed with the film Umunhum (along with the slowing of time) and it was silence (and communication within that silence) that became a source of healing in Teach Me To Be Wild especially with the condor. Silence (or the sound of nature) has also come through Jon Young’s stories about the Kalahari Bushmen and another story about a friend who caught a song from an elderflower tree.

    Although I have been besieged by what seems like constant leaf blowers over the past few days, I have also listened to so many birds and wonder what it would be like to really listen for a period of time rather than listening just in passing. I’m sure I hear only a very small percentage of the sounds of nature that surround me.

    The title is sanctuaries of silence — but the sounds in nature are not silent — it is the need for human and human-related silence. The “sanctuary of silence” is to be sought within ourselves and our human life.

    Keep bringing sounds of nature in your films — just in the way you have done!


  2. First I said to myself, “I shouldn’t spend 7 minutes on this – I’ve got too much to do today.” Then I thought “If Annie thinks it’s worth 7 minutes, I should try.” Then, after watching, I realized I valued the experience enough to spend this time writing. I think the talk about “silence” in this video was sometimes off-topic and hard to understand, partly since the video is mainly about listening to sound, and about the fact that noise pollution and our own lack of practice with listening makes it hard to connect with the land through our ears. Still I appreciate the ideas about quiet and of listening very much, as well as the imagery used. The VR technology use was ironic to me, since VR is such a high-tech tool, resting on an energy, industrial, and social infrastructure that contributes to the very noise pollution it is being used to call attention to in this video. Still, I enjoyed and appreciated having the immersive and interactive experience. The most prolonged quiet I have had recently is in an isolation tank. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Isolation_tank . My breathing and heartbeat were still very audible. Thanks for sharing. I hear a far-away siren, my refrigerator, cars passing by, and my fingers on the keyboard right now. Looking forward to hearing waves this afternoon.

  3. “Silence is the presence of everything.” A good mantra to meditate on. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Very nice, thank you for sharing. Powerful sentiment “ Silence isn’t the absence of something, but the presence of everything.”

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