April 5, 2018


Last week I invited you to watch a video about silence. This week I have something for you to do.

What this time you ask? And why? Because we need to take care of our parks and open spaces just like we take care of anything we love. Proposition 68 will be on the ballot this June in California, and it is critical that it passes. Prop 68 will provide essential funding for essential things like clean water and new parks.

I encourage you to: 

  • Check out the Prop 68 website
  • Follow Prop 68 on Facebook and Twitter
  • Use #YesOn68 on Twitter
  • Get your organization involved
  • Vote yes on Prop 68 in June
  • Tell your friends to vote yes on Prop 68
  • Share posts you see about Prop 68
  • Subscribe to enewsletters from your local land trust, park agency, or environmental nonprofits
  • Visualize Prop 68 passing
  • Eat lots of dark chocolate… oh, wait, that’s not what I meant to write here. Shoot, this is embarrassing.

Thanks for supporting your California parks and natural resources. And for doing all you do to take care of this planet of ours.