April 27, 2018

Hi there,

I loved getting mix tapes back when cassette tapes were a thing. Friends would create and give away cool compilations of music that they curated just for you. Each was unique. Each was special. I got one in high school with Sweet Jane on it. I loved that mix tape.

Well, here’s my 2018 version of a mix tape. These are things I’ve come across recently, liked, found interesting, and left me feeling a little bit better about the world. I hope you like them, too.


Mix Tape of Hope

This! I am a born-and-raised girl from NorCal and I would get a whole lotta satisfaction if the SF Bay Area were to win this competition. Who’s with me? And can we give some love to Alison Young and Rebecca Johnson from Cal Academy for all they do to rally people for nature and lead this City Nature Challenge? Join me in doing that over here.

Mining gravel on sacred land isn’t something we should be doing in 2018. Well, probably ever. But definitely not now, today. Sign this petition to stop a proposal to mine on Amah Mutsun territory.

I zoned out watching this for longer than I want to admit.

I love the element of surprise in creating a memorable experience, as well as engaging people in the work you do. Like this. (hat tip to Tom Leatherman for sharing it with me)

There’s a bunch to like about this. Including how people who love public lands talk about why they love public lands.

I read this every morning.

You can enter to win a sweet camping trip on Angel Island hosted by the experts at REI by signing up here. Oh, and the Reading the Redwoods contest ends on May 10.



That’s it. I hope you enjoy this mix tape of hope, and maybe while you’re listening to Sweet Jane. Because I have now listened to it 12 times in a row.

Yours truly,