June 8, 2018

Hi there,

Do you have summer fever? Man, do I. The days are so long and getting longer. The golden hour is like 3 hours long in the morning and another 3 hours long in the evening, which means I’m taking a LOT of photographs every day. There’s more basil in my fridge and in my garden than I know what to do with. And ice cream seems like the right thing to serve my kids for dinner (not sure I should be admitting that).

While there’s a lot to be angry (and sad) about right now in the world, there is also so much good. So much connection, joy, exploration, growth, creation, and justice. There are millions of people who spend their days making the world a better place. Millions! Maybe even billions. There are beautiful places where the natural world thrives. Butterflies are emerging from chrysalises, mama hummingbirds are sitting on eggs in their teeny tiny nests, and there is hope.

Today I have a mix tape of delight for your eyeballs. Things to watch. Things to be amazed by.

Scroll down and enjoy…


Mix Tape for your Eyeballs

A film series called More Than Just Parks. Because they are more than just parks, right? Pick a park and go.

Do you like Edward Tufte‘s books? If you nodded your head, this is a fun map to hang out in a while. Push buttons, click on different layers, and learn about the world.

Blue Trees have arrived in Palo Alto. Have you seen them?

I always thought this was a trick my mom played to get us to stand still and be quiet. I guess it’s a real thing.

Our film Umunhum has been selected for this film festival which is so cool and an honor.

I can’t decide if I love or hate these posters. What do you think?

And this makes my heart sing. Check out those kids!

Thanks for reading. Thanks for doing what you’re doing to make this world a better place. You’re not alone.

Happy June,