June 21, 2018

Hi there,

Some say today, the summer solstice, is the beginning of summer. That doesn’t feel right to me. It might be accurate in astronomy. But I have a different sense of what summer means and when it starts.

Summer starts when the rains end.

Summer means peaches, tomatoes, corn, and squash. It means sunflowers and bees. It’s when the fog shows up in the evenings and doesn’t burn off until late morning. Summer is golden hills and flowering buckeye trees.

To me, the summer solstice means a lot of light. It’s bright and open and expansive. It’s full bodied. The summer solstice is a day to be soaked up, to be fully experienced.

Today is a day for living. For paying attention. For engaging and connecting. It’s a long day that invites us to look up and out, and to be alive in this moment and in this light.

Wishing you and yours a very light-filled day.