July 31, 2018

Hi there,

How’s your summer? Have you taken vacation yet? Or are you about to? I hope that you take time to unplug from computers, soak up the long days, roast s’mores, sleep under the stars (or fog), and breathe deeply.

Have you heard the good news? 

Sea stars – AKA starfish – are making a comeback (yes, we’re calling it a comeback). As Peter Fimrite in the San Francisco Chronicle wrote:

Starfish are again brightening up tide pools along the California coast after being ravaged by a mysterious wasting disease, and the colorful invertebrates have undergone a remarkable genetic adaptation that is protecting them from the deadly pathogen, a new study has found.

These bright splashes of colors in tide pools along the California coast were dying by the thousands. But then something happened! Something magical, non-linear, and amazing. These invertebrates evolved. Really quickly. Read about it in the New York Times and Peter’s article in the Chronicle.

sea star

Who cares about sea stars?

Me. You. Everyone on this planet that likes to breathe, drink water, and eat food. This is an example of nature being awesome, and we need nature. Especially awesome nature.

Spread the good news. Forward this email. Tell the story around the campfire, at the park, on the beach, out by the tide pool. Let’s celebrate good nature news.

Happy summer and sea star success,


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