August 21, 2018


How are you going to participate, support, and amplify the Global Climate Action Summit that’s coming to San Francisco in September? Maybe it’s on your radar, or maybe not?

I recommend you find a way to get involved and be a part of this. The world is coming to the Bay Area to address our global problem. And you and I should contribute somehow.

One thing we could do is attend one of the many events happening all month. Check out all these events! Like this one hosted by Save the Redwoods League and Midpeninsula Regional Open Space District that’s all about trees! And this one about carbon farming and sustainable agriculture in Marin!

Another thing we could do is host our own event. Gather some people and talk about the future you want to create. Go for a walk together. Think big and then take big action.

Obviously you could contribute by making a chocolate cake because this is kinda sorta like Earth Day.

What are you doing to do?