August 28, 2018

Hi there,

I’m looking for collaborators.

The project is covering the internet with redwoods in October*. I want to see redwoods everywhere: email inboxes, blogs, websites, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and anywhere else you can stick a .jpg or write some HTML. I want my friends who don’t know what ‘biodiversity’ means to say to me: “wow, everyone is talking about redwoods!” And I’ll dance, NFL-touchdown-style, if #stand4redwoods trends on Twitter.

Want to be a part of this? This is an invitation for organizations, agencies, tribes, groups, and individuals. Everyone is included and anyone using the internet can play.

Pick one or more of these three ways you can contribute to the cause:

1. Get outside.
Plan a hike, walk, ride, or event in redwoods anytime in October. Find your nearest redwoods here. And post pictures of yourself, your people, and those enormous trees with #stand4redwoods.

2. Use your outdoor voice.
Write and post about redwoods in October. See how many times a day you can say and write “redwoods.” Can you do it every day? Is anyone up for a October Redwoods Challenge? Talk about redwoods every day for the month of October and you win.

3. Join a Hashtag Party
We’re going to post like crazy to Instagram and Twitter using #stand4redwoods on certain days at specific times. I’m calling it a Hashtag Party and anyone on Instagram and Twitter can join. You’re all invited! All you gotta do is post a picture or a quote or say something and use #stand4redwoods. Easy, right? Here’s when:

  • Wednesday, October 3 between 9am-10am PST
  • Sunday, October 7 between 3pm-4pm PST
  • Saturday, October 13 between 1pm-2pm PST

Not sure what to post? I will share pictures, facts, and videos with anyone who wants them.

Whattya say? Want to work together?

Hit reply and let me know how you want to join in. This is going to be fun.

In redwoods we trust,

*note: this is one of the fun projects I’m working on for Save the Redwoods League as they celebrate their 100th anniversary.