November 13, 2018


Looking for something beautiful and heartwarming? I have this for you:

The video was made by participants in the Linking Individuals to their Natural Communities, a summer program for high school students. Don’t you want to sign up for that program? Don’t you want to the world to have more programs like it?



And I have two data visualization things for you. I don’t want to admit to you how much time I’ve spent looking at these two maps and the data represented in them. It’s a lot, let’s just say that. While staring at them, I’ve discovered questions, had ideas, and let my mind wander. I invite you to do the same.


The New York Times published maps of buildings around the country. This one of the Bay Area is the inverse of what I spend my waking hours thinking about. I think about the green spaces, the open spaces, the working lands, the places without concrete. And this is a map of the concrete, steel, and wood. I find it mesmerizing. Learn more…

land use

Bloomberg published this interactive map showing various uses of land around the country. I like finding the patterns. I like connecting these little squares to what I know of the places… Maine is forests, Wyoming is rangelands, etc. The land and what grows in it has shaped who we are, whether or not we know it. Learn more…


I’ve also spent a lot of time staring at this pumpkin bread. Well, or the empty pan that once held that pumpkin bread. If you make it, put half a cup of chocolate chips in it. And hide it from yourself because you might just eat the whole thing in one sitting and your tummy might hurt a little bit afterwards. Not that I know from personal experience. Nope.

Take good care of yourself and your people,