Hi there, 

How are you? I mean, really, how are you? 

I’m excited to share the following things with you today:

I hate Facebook and I go there all the time. The thing is, between a lot of ads and posts that I wish I didn’t see, there are gems. Words and pictures that are just what I need to see. Like this post with the picture above (shared with me by Suzanne Lin, post credit: The Decolonize Atlas). It reminds me of this mapthat Omar Gonzalez sent me, and this map of the wind. So many ways to see the same thing but in a whole new way.  

Forget ‘the environment’
I love this article. If we change the language we use, will we get different results? Will people engage with us differently? How comfortable are we using words that are different than those we were trained to use?  

Strategic communications
I enjoyed this podcast by Ann Christiano & Annie Neimand and not just because they have the best name ever. What they talk about is what I talk about, and what I work on with all kinds of people and organizations.  

Inspiring communications
Read this blog. Follow them on Instagram. They’re doing this communications and language thing in the most impressive, authentic, and inspiring way.  

And that’s what I got for ya. I hope that you’re doing well, doing good, and laughing a lot.

Go Warriors!