I don’t know

January 18, 2018 Hi there, Yesterday I interviewed someone with a PhD in Geography about the future of conservation. He has spent his career working in biological field stations – like Jasper Ridge at Stanford – where they study behavior and changes in plants and animals in their particular location. We spent some time talking […]


December 14, 2017 Dear you, It’s 4:10pm on Wednesday as I write this and the sun is low in the sky. It’s that golden hour, but it seems like the whole day has been like that. The shadows are soft, long, and dreamy. This week I deliver books to your inbox. These books are meant for you and […]


This week’s email is focused on action. I wrote about the federal government’s decision to let gas, oil, and other extraction happen on public lands. And what we can do about it. I wrote about an inspiring story happening here in the Bay Area. And what we can do about it. Oh, and I referenced […]

Light and trees

November 30, 2017 Dear you, Today is the last day of November which means that there are just 22 days until the Winter Solstice. As the days get shorter and shorter, the light we do get to experience is increasingly beautiful. Have you noticed it? The sunsets, the long shadows, the soft light, all of […]


November 22, 2017 Dear you, Almost as much as I love that there’s a class called Ocean Optimism, I love that there are people who study gratitude. Can’t you imagine what a fantastic office that would be to work in? What kind of Thanksgiving party do they throw themselves? It must ooze with gratitude and appreciation […]

Come on in, let’s talk

November 16, 2017 Hi there, Let’s pretend that I invited you to my house for dinner. You arrive and you take off your coat, put your bags down, and take off your shoes at the door (we do that at our house). You come into the kitchen, because there’s some magnetic pull for people to […]


November 9, 2017 Hi there, Hope that you’re doing well, and ready for some action. We need to do something today about this country’s public lands. Today I’m talking about public lands like national parks (Yosemite! Yellowstone!) and national monuments (Muir Woods! Bears Ears!). Public lands are an essential part of this country’s promise and […]

Surround yourself with goodness

November 2, 2017 Hello friend, Over the past few weeks I have: Listened to Richard Louv in conversation with Andrea Mackenzie. They talked about challenging ourselves, our cities, and technology leaders to be The Best at connecting children to nature. Sounds like a good challenge to me. Sat in awe at Betty Reid Soskin when she was in conversation with […]

Showing up

October 19, 2017 Hello there, The North Bay counties of Sonoma and Napa have changed in profound and infinite ways. And we need to do something (big, small, it doesn’t matter) to support them. This is the time to show up for them. While it’s not a comprehensive list of all the ways to do […]


October 12, 2017 Wow. I have started this email seven times and each time there is a curse word in the first sentence. With dangerously smoky air, friends losing their houses to fire, the EPA ignoring the “P” in their name, and some kind of insane Twitter nonsense, it has been a brutal week. Absolutely […]


Hello to all you beautiful people, I’m excited to bring another voice to The Sun Rises. That is the voice of José Gonzalez, the founder of Latino Outdoors. Even if you know him, even if you’ve seen him speak, even if you’ve gone for a hike with him, there is most likely something here that you […]

Personal agency

September 28, 2017 Hello! What a great time to be alive! There is so much going on, so much to learn, and so much to create. One of the reasons I’m thrilled to be alive at this moment in history (besides the fact that it’s something I can’t change so I might as well accept […]