How are you summer-ing? This is a taste of how we’re doing it.


June 21, 2018 Hi there, Some say today, the summer solstice, is the beginning of summer. That doesn’t feel right to me. It might be accurate in astronomy. But I have a different sense of what summer means and when it starts. Summer starts when the rains end. Summer means peaches, tomatoes, corn, and squash. It […]


June 19, 2018 Hello, Yesterday I watched some kids play hide and seek. There were 6 kids ranging in age from ~18 months to 4 years old. They were small and cute and happy. When it was time to hide, the 18 month old walked over to a large bougainvillea bush and stuck his head […]

Watch and see

June 8, 2018 Hi there, Do you have summer fever? Man, do I. The days are so long and getting longer. The golden hour is like 3 hours long in the morning and another 3 hours long in the evening, which means I’m taking a LOT of photographs every day. There’s more basil in my […]

Mix tape of hope

April 27, 2018 Hi there, I loved getting mix tapes back when cassette tapes were a thing. Friends would create and give away cool compilations of music that they curated just for you. Each was unique. Each was special. I got one in high school with Sweet Jane on it. I loved that mix tape. Well, here’s my 2018 version of a […]


April 19, 2018 Hi, A few years ago, when my kids were young and impressionable, I baked a chocolate cake from scratch on Earth Day and told them that this is how our family celebrates this important global holiday. No one argued. To this day, both of them will say that our family tradition is […]

Yes on Prop 68

April 5, 2018 Hi! Last week I invited you to watch a video about silence. This week I have something for you to do. What this time you ask? And why? Because we need to take care of our parks and open spaces just like we take care of anything we love. Proposition 68 will […]

Sanctuaries of Silence

March 29, 2018 Hi there, I just have to share this. Will you take 7 minutes to watch and listen? What do you think? Annie

Reading the Redwoods

March 27, 2018 Dear you, How are you? Are you taking care of yourself? Having fun? Doing good in the world? I hope the answer is yes. Today I have an invitation. Watch and share this:

Forest and trees

March 1, 2018 Hi, How are you? I hope that you’re healthy, making sure you laugh out loud often, and witnessing the natural world’s beauty and seasonal changes. One of my favorite places in the world is the Lady Bird Johnson Grove in Humboldt county. It’s right off of the 101 outside of the teeny tiny town […]

Purpose and presence

February 22, 2018 Hello there, Have you felt depressed by the doom and gloom climate change? Yeah, me too. And I also wonder what the heck to do about it. Pretend it’s not happening? Hard to do when it hasn’t rained in California since November. Hope someone else is going to take care of it? […]

Quick hope

February 13, 2018 Hi! It’s me jumping into your email inbox real quick with a dose of hope. This isn’t one of those long emails with fancy words and complicated sentences and long paragraphs. Nope. I’m here to quickly insert some good into your day. Check this out: First, fire up your podcast listening machine […]